At HQBK we cook. We make coffee, we brunch, we eat supper. That is the first big change in our lifestyle, cooking. To be noted: I never cooked. And usually go on and on about how I loathe cooking. But this week, things changed…

PIZZA: Don Pepino makes the sauces, Brock Shorno chops the mozzarella and basil. All I do is toss the dough (well, more like handle the dough), plop it onto the pizza stone and we’re good to go! Our Margherita pizza recipe is from the Italian version of The Joy of Cooking entitled, The Silver Spoon. Thanks very much to Kyle and Emily for this wonderful house warming gift!

CAKE: The Golden Cake (recipe from Mark Bittman) was baked in Honor of One, Kristen Lombardi. Our first dinner guest, house guest and generally number one. Ironically, Kristen was not the first to taste The Golden Cake. The Golden Cake was one-sixteenth eaten by Matt Cassity and me earlier in the day. He stopped by on Monday afternoon to check out HQBK. Matt deserves all the cakes in the world— he fixed my internet which had troubled me all Monday. (nb: Matt was only able to figure out my ‘net problems after he enjoyed my cake, prior to consumption, Matt had no luck) Magic Golden Cake!






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