January 2009/Month 1.

2009 is the year we turn our apartment into a H O M E.

There has been spurts of home improvement throughout 2008. ( Clutter Cowgirl, building desks, painting walls, moving bedroom, making floor pillows, ikea closet, rescuing moldy furniture from storage )

In 2008 the move itself was a big deal. Now that we are comfortable and love spending time at home I really want to make our home experience as pleasurable as possible.

Today I clean the studio. It’s been overrun with supplies, papers, cords and dust.

And we need batteries for the smoke alarm! And renters insurance.

Get rid of dead plants.




2 Responses to “January 2009/Month 1.”

  1. dmp Says:

    Yay! Welcome Back!

  2. kellyr Says:

    Thanks for the welcome. I am impressed you left us on your RSS. xo

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