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January 26, 2009




(photos by Brock)

Brock and I installed a shelf above the doorway between the kitchen and bedroom months ago. We planned its use for plants. The plants never gathered enough light to fulfill a healthy existence. After they died we had an empty white shelf hovering above us—lonesome. (Un)Inspired by our piles of books lying about the apt I incorporated Brock’s height and stacked the reads on top of the lonely shelf. We are pleased with the results. The books help divide the room even more. It’s quite pleasant to have books look down happily upon us.



January 18, 2009

A place for everything, everything in its place.
– Benjamin Franklin

My desk before: (still working on whole studio)


My desk after:


All my special zines and magazines go on the wire rack under my desk. There is a container for shears, pencils, office supplies, glue sticks, pushpins and the horse head is for my special neon color pencils (not shown).

I did all this and more (shelf organization – not shown) on a cold wintry Friday night. Approx. 3 hours. PS: Why does one own so many sketchbooks? I am never buying another sktbk again! Reduce Reuse.


More to come on this Studio Saga. Here’s a sampling the mess to tame: